How to test your maximal heart rate? πŸ’œ

Want to know what your maximal heart rate is? With Myworkout GO, you can easily calculate the maximum heart rate using your mobile phone and transmitter.

How to calculate your maximal heart rate

By connecting a transmitter to the Myworkout App when exercising, you can calculate your maximum heart rate when performing an interval session. After multiple sessions, the heart-rate will be precisely calculated. You will receive a notification from the app when a new maximum heart rate is calculated. Accept this to make it count for your app.

This is important

Testing your maximal heart rate this way provides a much more accurate calculation than statistical estimates. But to be as accurate as it can be, is is important you follow the instructions provided to you in the app before starting a 4×4 workout. Read it and make sure you do not exercise harder or lighter as you should.

Healthcare professionals do not use maximal heart rate

At Myworkout’s Training Clinic, healthcare professionals use the Myworkout GO app to calculate the maximal heart rate. They guide according to the observation and feeling of the individual – the test is submaximal. The test does not build up to a maximal effort like other tests. You should exercise without feeling uncomfortable, and still, you can know the maximum heart rate with the App Myworkout GO. The guideline is: heavily breathing, but no other discomfort or stiffness in legs. It is in the intervals the testing takes place. Towards the end of the interval, you should not feel like or be able to answer with whole sentences, only single words.

In other words, you should feel capable of doing one more minute for each interval. In the end, one should be able to do another 4-minute interval. For those who cannot work out in this intensity due to health conditions, it helps to exercise even more gently.  

Large margin of error 

It is common to use statistical values ​​when calculating maximum heart rate – this gives an error margin of 20%. With such a large margin of error, this calculation will be useless. The goal of using the maximum heart rate is to find the right exercise intensity for the individual. Therefore it would in no means be helpful using an install. 

It is also possible to test the maximum heart rate by testing to total fatigue. Using this kind of testing on inactive people can be an error-trap. The individual would not know how to feel during a workout with this intensity. It can be frightening, and the individual can also quit before reaching its maximum potential. Therefore the calculations would not give a realistic result. 

Why be aware of your maximal heart rate?

Knowing your maximal heart rate is not necessary, but it can be helpful. It gives you a concrete number for the right intensity while working out. If you chose to use Myworkout Go during your workout, the app would guide you, keeping you in the right sone during the intervals. You get the best effect of your exercise in 85-95% of max sone. It is essential to be aware that our own body lets us know when we have achieved the right sone of intensity: 

  • Heavily breathing but no discomfort
  • Be able to keep the same pace and intensity throughout all of the intervals 
  • After the last interval, you should be able to do another. 

We wish you a good workout.