Get HIT-minutes on all types of activities 📱

Did you know that you can log your hikes🌲 marathon 🏃🏾‍♂️ and your Zumba class 💃🏻 in Myworkout GO?

The activity tracker in Myworkout GO has become a real smartypants 🤓 It can now evaluate all activities you register as training! As long as you achieve high enough intensity in your workout, you will be rewarded with HIT points in the same way as by training 4×4. How then, do you think perhaps? Well, here you will get a list that explains how and what little you need to do to get started 👇

1. Where can I find the activity tracker? 🤔

The activity tracker is found in the second icon on the bottom of the app. Choose if you would like to exercise inside or outside. Then choose “track activity”.

2. What does it take for it to work optimally? 🤩

The app must know what your work capacity is. Therefore, it must be calibrated with an outdoor 4×4 to measure your VO2-max and get a biological age stated. It will always use your latest outdoor 4×4 session to give you an evaluation of any other activity you do, such as walking or running.

3. Does this apply to all activities? 👆 

If you want an evaluation of indoor training such as Zumba, etc, swimming, skiing, or cycling, we would like your heart rate to be able to evaluate correctly. (Read more about exercise based on heart rate below 👇). 

4. Do I need any additional equipment to evaluate my training? 💵 

There is no need for any, but many would like to use the training watch they have invested in. Of course, you should also be allowed to do so. Just remember that you must have connected your Garmin-, Fitbit- or Polar- account to the app to have your session evaluated. If you want an evaluation of indoor training such as Zumba, etc., swimming, skiing, or cycling, we would like your heart rate to be able to evaluate correctly. Then you need a heart rate belt that you connect to the app.

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👇 Here is essential info you definitely do not want to miss 👇 

Can I train based on my maximum heart rate? 💓 

Yes, you can. But then you need to know what your maximum heart rate is. Before you enter your maximum heart rate in the app, this is nice to know: Maximum heart rate from a formula or calculator is unreliable. Why? Because this gives an average based on the population and not on your body. It’s a bit like saying that everyone aged 34 wears size 37 in shoes. We know that is not true. 

How do I know what my maximum heart rate is? 

You can use the app to measure your maximum heart rate 👈

Can I use a wrist heart rate monitor to measure my maximum heart rate?

No, you should have a heart rate belt to measure your maximum heart rate. You can connect this to both your watch and the app.

5. Do I have to bring my phone with me when I workout? 🙄

No, as long as you have had it on an outdoor 4×4 and have connected your garmin, fitbit or polar account to the app, all activity you log on to will be fed into the app when you return home.

6. Why does the app say that I train much “harder” than what I experience? 😱

Congratulations, you have become in much better shape than you were the first time you registered an outdoor 4×4! This is not something to be afraid of; it should rather be celebrated. The perfect celebration is to recalibrate the app with a new outdoor 4×4 🥳

7. Why does the app say that I do not train as hard as I experience?   

On a hike with a heavy backpack on your back? In this case, you will, unfortunately, not get the correct score in the app. It cannot “pick up” the extra weight you carry. But as long as you are breathing heavily, your heart has realized that you have made a brilliant effort. ❤️