How would you like to exercise?

You know the types of exercises that suit you best . But we know that if you want to improve your health and fitness level, you must run out of breath. Whatever you choose to do to achieve this is up to you.

How to use the app to register your workouts

Use Myworkout Go for all types of physical activities. Let the app know whether you plan to work out indoors or outdoors. You can then select whether you want to: track an activity; measure your fitness level ; find out your vo2max and biological age.

With Myworkout GO, you can exercise  the way you want. We measure your activities no matter what you choose to do.

Measure your fitness level with Myworkout

From the app’s home screen, tap the “Workout now” button to open the activity selector screen. Select whether you want to work out indoors or outdoors then select the 4×4 HIT intervals option. Click on the type of exercise you prefer to use to measure your fitness. 

You’ll get further information from the app. 

Once your workout is complete, tap the  “Evaluate workout”  button to get your fitness level and biological age. The results give us the basis of how we measure your performance in other activities.  We refer to this as app calibration.

Track an activity with Myworkout GO

To track an activity with the app, start by tapping the “Work out now” button on the home screen. Select whether you want to perform the activity indoors or outdoors, then select one of the activities listed under the “Track an activity” section. If none of the options best describe your intended activity select the “Other” option.