When will you need a heart rate monitor in Myworkout Go?

Know you maximal heart rate

In order to perform pulse-based exercise, you will need to know your maximal heart rate.

Do this to get to know yours 👈

Regulate your intensity

When both the app and you know your maximal heart rate and keep on using a heart rate monitor while exercising, the app will start guiding you so it makes it easier for you to regulate your intensity. For an efficient cardio exercise you should aim for an intensity between 85 og 95% og your maximal heart rate. As soon as you achieve 85% you will start collecting HIT-minutes.

Get HIT- minutes on all activities

The criteria for getting HIT-minutes with the app is that both your legs are in motion and you achieve at least 85% of your maximal heart rate. By connecting a heart rate monitor to the app you will be able to get HIT-minutes on activities which does not allow us to measure the work you do by using GPS and barometer data. Activities such as 👇

✅ Cross-country skiing

✅ Bicycling

✅ Indoor activities such as aerobic sessions, treadmill (besides 4×4), elliptical machine (besides 4×4), and so on.

It is not an absolute must for you to connect a heart rate monitor to the app

It is not essential to use a heart rate monitor while exercising with the app. We trust that your heart is beating 😉. Healthcare professionals at our own clinic “Treningsklinikken” uses the app to rehabilitate their patients, but they do not lean on heart rate monitors to follow their progression. Instead they guide according to the feeling and observation of the individual. These are the signs your body will provide you with when you are entering the HIT-zone:

✅ Heavy breathing and a need to breathe with your mouth open.

✅ You do not feel like talking in complete sentences.

✅ You have no discomfort besides feeling short of breath.

✅ You quickly return to normal when reducing the intensity.

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