Used Myworkout GO and got rid of his diabetes types 2.

Kent Bruland (42) has always liked hiking and 20 years ago he did a lot of strength training. Some time ago life made him start rethinking his everyday life.

Private photo sent us by Kent

Blinded by diabetes.

8 months ago, Kent was visually impaired and almost blind by his diabetes. He was depressed and overwhelmed by the feeling of powerlessness. Where should he start to take control of his own health?

“I have always loved going for walks and have a wife and two children with whom I want to be active. In the past, all my family members were able to outrun me in the blink of an eye. ”

Kent, 42

He downloaded all sorts of training apps, but none of them gave him anything concrete to relate to. He felt caught in the “app jungle” without any guidance on his journey to become healthier.

The rescue was his colleagues.

Kent’s employer, Frydenbø Bil, announced  an activity competition for all employees. Kent chose to give this a try. Together with good colleagues, Kent was to collect training points and compete in teams against other teams in the company. He cleared away all excuses for not being physically active; purchased a treadmill to have at home and began to track his time on his favourite hike in his home area of ​​Sotra.

From depression to more energy.

The joy of doing this with colleagues became important to Kent.

“With the app, I do not train alone. I can compete against the others and at the same time with myself. The app gives me concrete feedback on my progress and it works !! ”

“The first training I did with the app, I sounded like a whale. But this quickly changed. I have gone from a biological age of 62 to now 20 years. I aim to complete vo2max 60 by the end of 2021 ”.

Kent, 42

Kent is no longer recognized by customers at work. They will probably have to take some new photos of him, the man has completely changed.


He has lost 20 kg and no longer looks like himself, but the most important thing is how he feels about himself.

“I have no burden on my shoulders anymore. I feel happy all the time and have no reason not to continue with what I’ve been doing. Life is better and I finally have the energy I need for what I want and what my kids need .”

Kent, 42

His sight is back, the depression and powerlessness are gone. The doctor has declared Kent healthy from his type 2 diabetes.

Ready, Set, Calibrate ⚡️

Are you ready to know how many HIT minutes your favourite workout gives you? Get ready to calibrate your Myworkout GO 👇

Calibrate you app an learn what type of exercise gives you the best health gain. Use the app where and when you want.

What is app calibration?

Calibration lets the app know you a little better. This ensures that you get as accurate feedback on your fitness level as possible. This can only be achieved when the app can gauge your capacity.

What is your capacity?

Your capacity is your fitness level. It indicates how much physical exercise/work you can handle. It is crucial that the app knows your cardiovascular number so that you can receive feedback on the various physical activities you choose to perform.

Your cardiovascular number also gives an indication of your health risk and biological age. When the app has this information, you can receive a lot of feedback on whichever physical activities you choose to spend time on. The feedback will give you more insight on whether your activity of choice is beneficial to your physical health or the fact that you may need to choose a different activity. 

How To Calibrate 📱

The app must be calibrated for both indoor and outdoor use.

Use the app where and when you want.

Calibrating Outside

When you perform an outdoor activity, we only need you to start a 4 x 4 HIT interval. Follow the voice instructions from the app as you either walk or run. Your capacity is calculated based on GPS and barometric data collected on your phone. When the workout session is complete, evaluate it by tapping on the “Evaluate the workout” button. The app will display HIT minutes for all other future  tracked outdoor activities – either running or walking- provided that the workout’s intensity is high enough. 

Calibrate on treadmill

When calibrating on a treadmill, we need to know the speed and incline you used during the 4 x 4 HIT intervals. You enter the values (speed and incline) when your workout session is complete, then tap the “Evaluate workout” button for workout evaluation. 

Calibrate On Watt Machines

Calibration by performing a 4 x 4 HIT intervals on watt machines requires you to enter the average of the watt values generated  in each interval and your body weight. Tap the “Evaluate workout” button for workout evaluation at the end of the session.

Can I get HIT minutes on everything?

Yes, BUT,  given that we are mostly measuring the amount of work you do through GPS, barometric, speed, incline and wattage, data points. Therefore,  we need to add a new measuring function for activities that can not be measured as easily with the mentioned parameters. In this context, you need a heart rate monitor. Connect it to the app and measure your maximum heart rate to ensure that you are working at the right intensity. If you already know your maximum heart rate, enter it into your profile in the app.

How would you like to exercise?

You know the types of exercises that suit you best . But we know that if you want to improve your health and fitness level, you must run out of breath. Whatever you choose to do to achieve this is up to you.

How to use the app to register your workouts

Use Myworkout Go for all types of physical activities. Let the app know whether you plan to work out indoors or outdoors. You can then select whether you want to: track an activity; measure your fitness level ; find out your vo2max and biological age.

With Myworkout GO, you can exercise  the way you want. We measure your activities no matter what you choose to do.

Measure your fitness level with Myworkout

From the app’s home screen, tap the “Workout now” button to open the activity selector screen. Select whether you want to work out indoors or outdoors then select the 4×4 HIT intervals option. Click on the type of exercise you prefer to use to measure your fitness. 

You’ll get further information from the app. 

Once your workout is complete, tap the  “Evaluate workout”  button to get your fitness level and biological age. The results give us the basis of how we measure your performance in other activities.  We refer to this as app calibration.

Track an activity with Myworkout GO

To track an activity with the app, start by tapping the “Work out now” button on the home screen. Select whether you want to perform the activity indoors or outdoors, then select one of the activities listed under the “Track an activity” section. If none of the options best describe your intended activity select the “Other” option. 

How little can you exercise and still get away with it?

Life is most of the time hectic and in periods even more so. To make the schedule more straightforward for you to add up, we would like to tell you how little you can exercise in these hectic periods and still “get away with it”.

Exercise to maintain your fitness level

It is well-known that you should exercise regularly to stay fit. But, the great news is, it takes much less to maintain a good fitness level than to create it! It depends on your starting point, but most of us manage to keep both strength and fitness levels in a hectic period of two-three weeks, with an interval workout and a strength workout a week – as long as this is done heavily enough.

You should exercise smart and efficiently

Håkon Hov, physiotherapist and exercise physiologist at Myworkout, encourages you to not fall into this trap:


“Do not fall into the trap of training at low intensity because then you can train more frequently – remember that intensity trumps quantity! This is really the whole point of intensive long intervals and heavy strength training; you get a lot more in return for the work you do.” 

Starting point and progression

How fast you can improve your fitness level depends on your starting point. The worse shape you are in, the less work it takes for you to breathe heavily, and you will have faster progress. The same principle applies when it comes to strength training. The weaker you are when you get started, the more rapid progress you will have!

Take more control of your time

Fortunately, the whole year is not as hectic, and it is easier to “take control” over your time. Use this time wisely concerning your training. Build yourself up with strength and conditioning training. You will be even more efficient, even during these periods, if you know what you are doing. Here is an effective exercise program you can follow.

“With 2-3 training sessions a week, most people will increase their endurance (vo2max). In fact, most people eventually become “20 years old”. The same goes for strength training.”

Håkon Hov

The moral is whatever: in the hectic periods of life – do what is most brilliant and most effective. Exercise a little heavier because then you can tolerate exercising a little less and still maintain your fitness level.