Privacy Statement

Myworkout GO is a service that consists of web and mobile applications and is a product of Myworkout AS (org No. 912 663 272), a company based in Trondheim, Norway.

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Privacy statement

Last updated: 06.11.2020.

Myworkout AS is the processor of the personal information you provide when you use our services. On this page you will find information about our terms for the collection, use and dissemination of the personal information we receive or collect when using our services.

By registering for the service, you have been asked to accept the terms set out in this privacy statement. By accepting, you give a valid consent for us to use your personal information for the stated purposes.

We request and use your personal information only to be able to provide our services in their entirety and improve them.

  • We store information that you provide and that is collected when the apps are in use.
  • We use this information to be able to give you estimates of your physical condition and evaluate your performance.
  • We share anonymized and pseudonymous information with our sub-processors to improve our products, for analytics purposes and to provide customer support to our users.
  • We include your training data and health evaluations in anonymized statistics that we use to generate reports. We share these reports with business partners and customers to document the impact of our services.
  • If you choose to link your account to an organization, we may ask you to share personal data. In each case, we will inform you of the data being shared and ask for your consent.
  • In addition, we will not share, publish, sell or otherwise transfer any of your personal data to any third parties without you specifically asking us to do so.
  • We only allow our third party service providers to use information we share with them for what is strictly necessary to perform the service they provide to us.

What information we collect and why

Basic account information

  • Name, email address, telephone number and password: This information is necessary to identify and secure your account and give you access to our services.
  • Gender: We need to know your gender in order to estimate your physical level.
  • Date of birth: We use your date of birth to customize the app experience and the feedback we give you.

Physiological data

  • Heart rate data: We collect and store heart rate data if you use a heart rate monitor during training. We use this to estimate your maximum heart rate, provide statistics and evaluate your activities.
  • Max heart rate: We store your maximum heart rate if you enter it and when it is estimated by the app. This information is used to guide your intensity during workouts and as a basis for evaluating your activities.

Health data

We collect, process and store information from our users that constitutes medical / health data, defined as a particular category of data in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations, as described in more detail in this section. This also includes medical / health data such as calculations of maximum oxygen uptake and biological age that are derived from a combination of raw sensor data and user input that you have given us access to. Health information processed by us through this service may include the following:

  • Maximum oxygen uptake: When you use our fitness evaluation functions, we will calculate your maximum oxygen uptake. We use it to find your biological age, give you health and fitness assessments and statistics.
  • Biological age: Biological age is used as a reference to your physical level and to provide statistics.
  • Body Weight: Body weight is used along with watts to estimate maximum oxygen uptake using some types of exercise equipment and can be used to deliver statistics.

Device data

  • Location information: During activities, we store data about where you are to provide the service’s basic functions such as calculating distance, speed, incline and displaying the route on a map.
  • Device information: Some actions performed in the app, such as logging in, starting an activity and upgrading to premium, trigger data collection about your device. This includes information such as device type and model, power saving settings and the software version you are using. We use this information to improve our products and to provide better customer support to our users.

Technical information and log data

  • We collect data that your browser, computer or device sends when accessing or using our services. This data may include information such as your IP address, which browser and version of it you use, which pages you visit, time and date of the visit, how much time you spend on the web pages and other statistics.
  • We use third-party services such as (but not limited to) Google Analytics that store, manage and analyze this information.

Connected devices and apps

We collect information from devices and apps that you connect to Myworkout GO. For example, you can connect your Garmin watch or FitBit account to Myworkout GO, and the information from these devices will be sent to Myworkout and processed for the same purposes as the data you make available through our product.


  • We may use your personal information to contact you with important information, newsletters, marketing or other information. We follow the applicable legislation and what you have agreed to when you use our services.


  • Cookies are small amounts of data that may include a unique identifier that may be stored on your device. Some of these cookies are persistent, which means that they will remain stored on your electronic device for a limited period of time after you leave our website. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you leave the website.
  • We use cookies to collect information and control access to our services. We use both necessary and functional cookies for these purposes. We also use Google Analytics for statistical purposes. These statistics use information about your visit and usage patterns on our websites (such as how often you visit the website as well as which pages you visit, the duration of the visit, your geographical location during the visit, and more). Google Analytics does not collect your name or other personal data. We do not summarize information collected by Google Analytics with other personal information.
  • For cookies stored on your device, such as cookies for analysis purposes, a storage duration of [26] months is usually used by Google Analytics.
  • You can set your device to reject our use of cookies, but please note that you may lose access to parts of our services where we use necessary or functional cookies. For analytics cookies, you can opt out of data collection and analysis through Google Analytics by downloading Google Analytics’ opt-out browser extension here:

Data storage

  • We only store your information for as long as we need it to provide the services described in this document.
  • We can store some information longer if required by law.
  • We delete or anonymize your data when we no longer have a legitimate need for it.
  • If you choose to delete your Myworkout account, your data will be deleted or anonymized after 14 days.
  • If it is not possible to delete the data, for example if it is stored in a backup, we will secure and isolate the data until deletion is possible.

How we share and make information available

Data processors

Below you will find a list of the data processors we have an agreement with and contribute to the delivery of the service. Any transfer of personal data out of the EEA area is done in accordance with the Privacy Shield framework.

Organizational affiliation

  • If you are invited to an organization through Myworkout, you may be asked to share personal data. We will then inform you about what data is being shared and ask for your consent.
  • If your account is linked to an organization that you no longer wish to share data with, please contact us a and we will assist you.

Your rights

Access and data portability

  • Most of the information we store about you is available through our services.
  • If you need further insight or want the data transferred, please send a request to

Correction, deletion and limited processing

  • You have the right to have your Myworkout account deleted. We will then delete or anonymize your data when there are no longer any contractual or legal obligations that prevent it.
  • You are entitled to have personal data that is incorrect or incomplete in your Myworkout account corrected.
  • You can demand that the processing of your data be stopped temporarily. The information will then be made unavailable until you notify us to resume treatment.
  • Requests for correction, deletion and limited processing can be directed to

Enforcement and the right to complain

In accordance with the GDPR, we undertake to process complaints regarding your privacy and our collection and use of your personal data. Inquiries or complaints regarding this privacy statement should first be addressed to us (see contact information below).

If you have reservations or grounds to complain about our processing of your personal data, you can also send a complaint to your country of residence’s data protection authority.

Privacy Officer

Inquiries regarding privacy can be directed to Myworkout’s privacy representative by email: