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The app calculates VO2max and biological age by assessing how much work you can perform during a standard 4x4-minute high-intensity interval session. It is done differently outdoors, at the treadmill and indoor training equipment such as ellipse, rowing machine and bicycling.

  • Outdoors, the app uses GPS data and barometer data to calculate the speed and incline you had during the intervals.
  • For a workout on the treadmill, the app uses the incline and speed you record for the interval to estimate the workload.
  • You can enter your WATT level under the kites on devices such as rowing machines, bicycles, and ellipses.

In the competition, all employees get divided into teams that fight to collect training points. The competition is over 4-10 weekly matches that your team can win. Every Sunday at midnight, we sum up the activity points, and the team with the most points will be the weekly winner. Then the points are reset, and a new weekly match starts. The competition winner is finally chosen based on the best average ranking in all the weekly contests. We reward effort, not performance. When you create a user in Myworkout GO, you get added to your team through a link from your team captain. You will get an overview of all your team members and a log that shows who has contributed points to the competition. You can also write to each other in the same activity log. The scoreboard shows how many points each team has this week in the competition. The stars in "gold", "silver", and "bronze" show what place the team has had each week since the contest started. Only your teammates can see your activity; for the others in the competition, you are anonymous. Read more here:

With a direct measurement of VO2max with a mask, the measurement gives the body's total maximum oxygen consumption divided by body weight to get VO2max in millilitres per kilogram of body weight. The app, however, measures the work you can perform during a standardized test and calculates directly to VO2max in millilitres per kilogram of body weight. Since you carry the body weight as a load when walking and running, we already consider this in the calculation. When training with a watt device, you must state the weight to calculate your Vo2max. Using our method, you sacrifice a little accuracy in the calculation (93% against 97% by direct measurement) but make it possible to test yourself with an acceptable margin of error without using medical test equipment.

By connecting a heart rate belt when you train an interval session with the app, you will be able to calculate your maximum heart rate. (You can use all heart rate belts that use Bluetooth in the app). Then, as you complete several sessions, the app will fine-tune your maximum heart rate. You will then get a more accurate calculation of maximum heart rate. Read more here:

Many people prefer to exercise with watts that measure watts. You can also measure biological age with these devices, but remember to choose a device that puts both legs active.   Recommended appliances:

  • Rowing machine
  • Bicycle (Spinning, ergometer)
  • Elliptical machine
In the Myworkout GO app, you can perform a biological age test on a watt machine by starting the activity and following the instructions from the voice in the app. The goal is to find a Watt level you can lie on for all 4 minutes during the four intervals. (You should be sweaty and out of breath, but you should not stiffen or experience any discomfort). When you finish the activity, the app will ask you to enter the WATT-level you kept in the various intervals. weight to be able to calculate your biological age based on watts.

On a treadmill, the app uses incline and speed to calculate the workload and, based on this, your condition. (Under the kites, you should sweat and breathe well, but you should not stiffen or experience any discomfort). When you finish the activity, the app will ask you to enter the incline and the speed you kept in the various intervals.

Outdoors, the app uses GPS data and barometer data, along with data from altimeter maps, to calculate the speed and incline you to have during the interval drags. Based on this data, the app can accurately measure your condition in maximum oxygen uptake.

If your heart rate monitor goes over Bluetooth, you can connect it with Myworkout GO. However, some heart rate monitors cannot connect to more than one device at a time. For example, if you have a training watch connected to the heart rate monitor you want to add to the app, it will not be possible. Then you need to disconnect the heart rate monitor from your watch before connecting it to Myworkout Go.

If you like to have control over your training session, a heart rate monitor can be helpful, but you must know your maximum heart rate. If you do not know your maximum heart rate, you will not benefit from using a heart rate monitor. Remember that there is no shortcut to finding your maximum heart rate. The methods for calculating the maximum heart rate are wildly inaccurate, as there are significant individual differences in the maximum heart rate.

For some, it is motivating to use a heart rate monitor when exercising. For others not. With Myworkout GO, you can choose whether you want to use your heart rate as a guide or not. It works great even without heart rate measurement. Without heart rate measurement, you use your breathing to control the intensity. During the intervals, breathe heavily without feeling uncomfortable.