We help companies motivate employees to more activity.

What does Myworkout offer?

Myworkout is based on 25 years of research from NTNU and helps small and large companies to better health, well-being and productivity at work. With fun competitions and a health app, we create a positive talking point at work while reducing the biological age of everyone who wants to participate.
  • Training app for all employees
  • Fun activity competitions that engage
  • Motivation for exercise all year round
  • Get reports on engagement, productivity, sick leave and health risk among employees
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Benefits for your business

Better social environment

Arrange training competitions that engage and create a positive "talking point" at work. You decide who competes against each other.

Contribute to Sustainability Goal # 3

By using the app for all activities, you will also see how your employees contribute to achieving the UN's sustainability goal no. 3 "Good health".

Fits everyone

All employees have access to the Myworkout GO app. The app provides personal training guidance and is thus suitable for everyone, regardless of physical shape.

See measurable effect

Usually, you can reduce your biological age by seven years in 8-10 weeks. Which statistically gives 5% increased productivity at work and reduce sick leave by 3.5 days per employee per year.

This is how the app works for employees

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Prices adapted to your company

$ 2109 / month

Each extra person costs $ 1.50 per month

$ 1639 / month

Each extra person costs $ 2.30 per month

$ 819 / month

Each extra person costs $ 4.00 per month

$ 139 / month

Each extra person costs $ 7.50 per month


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Head of Sales & Marketing


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Sales Manager


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CEO and Founder


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Sales Manager


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Head of Customer Success