HIT minutes overview in Myworkout GO!


The app is about to change for the better and the home screen is replaced. On the home screen you can now see a new weekly overview where you can collect HIT points. HIT stands for high-intensity training and this type of training is the most important thing you can do for your own health.

Weekly overview of HIT minutes in the app

You only need 32 HIT minutes every week!

Every week you get a new opportunity to collect HIT points. These points are what make your health, shape and performance better. Best of all, you only need 32 points to make the app happy. You can achieve this by doing two 4×4-intervals during a week, or by breathing heavily (85-95% of max heart rate) for 32 minutes during another type of exercise.

Why a new weekly overview and when will it appear?

We see this as an important step to make it easier for you to exercise in the direction of heat gain! The changes will be available for our iOS-user in a few days. For out android-users the changes already are available in the latest version of the app. 

Weekly overview of HIT minutes in the app
Weekly HIT minutes overview

Exercise for your heart

Intensity trumps quantity, and it is the high-intensity training that will make a difference for you. It is up to you how long you want to stay in the right zone at a time, but it is important that the heart gets a full filling of blood along the way, This takes 1-2 minutes to achieve. This means that if you are out of breath for 2 minutes or more, then you will get HIT points from the app.

How to get HIT points?

The app needs to know what your capacity is in order to give you the HIT points. Carry out a biological age evaluation with the app and see how you can collect points the next time you run after the bus, deliver the 3-year-old to kindergarten or go on a regular chat with a good friend. Most of us will be breathless by walking uphill. When you collect enough HIT points during a week, it is very motivating to see progress in your training. This is training that works!